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Iso Float

Session Length
45-60 min
What to wear
Loose-fitting, comfy clothes.
special instructions
You will disrobe & shower for this service.
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Iso Float

About this service

The practice of flotation in sensory isolation is a unique type of wellness experience, relying on the natural force of Archimedes' principle of buoyancy to give the person a simulated weightlessness effect. Origin Wellness' Iso Float, or sensory isolation flotation, is comfortable and spacious. By reducing the pressure and weight exerted on the human body, flotation allows the muscle tissue to relax beyond what is normally possible by other means. This promotes accelerated muscle repair, significantly reduces muscle fatigue, and promotes relaxation in those suffering from various types of difficulties and stress or simply wishing to reach states of well-being, relaxation, and deep meditation.

The iso-floating tank used at this facility is filled with magnesium salt and is equipped with a powerful filtration and ozonation system to ensure a sanitary floating experience. Participants are able to choose between the use of lights and sounds, or choose to float in silence and darkness. Without the constant pressure of gravity, a person resting in a floatation tank in sensory isolation can relax and unwind more deeply than even the most comfortable bed allows, providing a break from gravity and releasing endorphins. The endorphins released are powerful natural pain relievers and mood enhancers, which provide fascinating and significant changes in the brain, leading to an intense feeling of well-being.

Studies have shown that the flotation induces a shift in brain wave activity. The brain waves of a floater move from beta to alpha and even theta, which is a rare brain state, normally reserved for people trained in deep meditation. Iso Floating is therefore a quick and easy shortcut to deep relaxation, starting from the very first session of flotation in sensory isolation.

The Benefits of Float

A 45-minute session provides important benefits for physical and mental health, while offering an overall improvement in general wellness:

  • Increasing energy by reducing the pressure and weight on the human body, which allows muscle tissue to relax beyond what is normally possible. This promotes accelerated muscle repair and significantly reduces muscle fatigue.
  • Maximizing blood flow and red blood cell distribution by removing stress and strain from skeletal muscle tissue, helping the body reduce muscle fatigue. This muscle relaxation effect benefits the heart, thereby facilitating the absorption of blood and the delivery of oxygen to skeletal and smooth muscle tissue.
  • Improving athletic performance by accelerating recovery and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Impacting the levels of lactate in muscle, blood, and oxygen after exercise, enhancing the body's efficiency in short-term muscle recovery. Since moderate to vigorous intensity exercise causes an increase in circulating cortisol (and ACTH) levels, it is strongly recommended that you use Iso Float after exercise.
  • The Epsom salt used to make the water in the Float tank hypersalinated is also rich in magnesium, which your body can absorb through the skin. The effects of magnesium deficiency are quite serious and can be painful. Float sessions provide prolonged exposure to Epsom salt, which can help to alleviate this possible problem, and will not pose any risk, as the body naturally optimizes magnesium levels.

Preparing for the Service

As with all of our services, we recommend drinking plenty of water both before and after the session to help with the elimination of toxins. High quality water is provided at Origin Wellness.

As a part of the session, you will be shown to the room with a shower, a clothes rack, and a bench for you to be able to prepare for the session. The room will be yours for the length of the session. After the technician helps orient you to the service, they will leave, and you will let yourself into the float pod after showering, and we will signal you with a change in light and music (in function of whether you choose sensory isolation or not) to let you know it's time to get out and shower.

No drugs or alcohol before (or during) your float. To preserve the integrity of our facility, tobacco users must also abstain from smoking for at least 2 hours before floating. We reserve the right to deny access based on our assessment of a person's presentation and sobriety.

You will need to disrobe and shower before and after the session in order to participate in this service.

We provide shampoo and soap for your first shower. We ask that you please use these products to ensure a good float experience for all individuals using our float pod. You are of course welcome to use your own products in the second shower after the float session.

We also provide a dressing table with a hairdryer for after your session, if needed.

We have a $1,000 contamination fee for our float tank. Voluntary or involuntary release of bodily fluids, communicable or infectious diseases, oils, creams, and hair dyes in the float solution may enact the contamination fee for salt replacement, cleaning, and loss of income for closing the float pool.

If you have issues getting in and out of a bathtub, you may experience some trouble getting in and out of our tanks. Our staff is not trained in assisted transfers. If you need assistance you must bring your own helper. Please call us with any medical conditions that may be of concern to your safe enjoyment of our facility.

Ensure that you have eaten a light meal beforehand, and we recommend avoiding the use of caffeine prior to your float.

Do not shave 3-4 hours before floating, or wax 48 hours before floating.


We request that you do not use this equipment if you have one of the following contraindicated conditions. Risks are not limited to the following so please consult your physician if in any doubt:

  • Uncontrolled seizures
  • Burns/Skin damage/Open wounds/Ulcers
  • Acute fever/illness
  • Severe Kidney disease
  • Severe skin sensitivity
  • You are under 16 years old

Use with caution:

  • Pregnancy
  • Handicap/Immobility
  • Unstable Diabetes Mellitus
  • Unstable Hypertension

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Origin Wellness is a gem, and we are so lucky to have it in Saint Louis. It is wonderful to relax with all these leading edge high tech therapies for the mind and body in such a calming and beautiful setting and with such professional staff. Always a lovely  experience.

Lora Reardon

This place is a dream! So much so that after a few amazing treatments at Origin Wellness I  had a vivid dream that I hid in the building so I could stay overnight and enjoy all that this place has to offer. I woke up feeling so satisfied...My advice - try  everything!

Karen Buckley

I have never experienced anything as relaxing and restorative as my day spent here! I started with the intro session and the next day did a full day of services all planned specifically for me by their amazing staff. I left feeling with a sense of calm and yet a renewed energy. It was fun, healing and for a whole day of services, really affordable! I can't wait to go back!

Susan Lewis

What an awesome place! I've never experienced such amazing services...all under one roof. Origin Wellness is innovative with cutting edge treatments right here in St. Louis!  Highly recommend the salt room and Bio Balance. Thermal Relax is sensational.  I have throbbing varicose veins. After just one treatment in the thermal relax bed, the throbbing had subsided and my circulation was improved.

Shannon Marie

The staff at Origin Wellness are so kind! The space is beautiful and they are so caring to  SLU students. They offer a wide variety of services and the prices are very  reasonable.

Juliana Viro

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